موسوعة الأسئلة الطبية

اعثر على إجابات لكل ما يدور بذهنك واطرح المزيد من الأسئلة
تواصل مع مجتمع من أفضل الأطباء العرب حول العالم.

  • Posted by مني on 2023-05-08 at 00:30


    The liver is homogeneously echogenic. The liver parenchyma shows neither cirrhosis nor fibrosis. No masses could be detected at the porta hepatis

    No focal hepatic lesion could be detected. The portal vein is within normal caliber.

    The gall bladder is thickened edematous wall with intraluminal stone about 1.8 cm in diameter…acute on top of chronic calcular cholecystitis. The biliary tree is of normal distribution. The CBD is of normal

    caliber. The pancreas is of normal size and echogenicity.

    – The spleen is of normal size, shape and tissue echogenicity. No focal

    splenic lesions could be detected. No enlarged paraaortic lymph nodes could be seen.

    Both kidneys are normal in size, shape and position. They show normal echogenicity with preserved interfaces.

    No masses or cysts could be detected. No stones or backpressure changes could be identified.

    No ascites could be detected.

    Dr. walaa awad

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